Direct Marketing Platform for Real Estate Brokers

All the benefits of an in-house marketing department.
With a Corefact Enterprise solution, growing your team and volume just got easier.

One of the most important jobs in leading a team of agents is providing top-of-the-line resources, technology, and products that help drive success.

Corefact Enterprise provides all of the functionality of an in-house marketing department within an online tool. Your agents will have access to direct mail and digital marketing options that help them generate and promote listings. All of the marketing activity and results can be measured directly from within the Enterprise accounts to support the growth of your business. Our system further encourages brand loyalty to your brokerage and provides added value to your recruiting.

With Corefact as your partner, agents can:

  • Gain easy access to integrated cross-media marketing campaigns
  • Have one stop for print, web and email marketing
  • Preserve and promote your brokerage brand

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Your Branding and Marketing Solution

Your brand + our platform = marketing made easy. Our simple, web-based marketing platform gives your brokerage the flexibility and efficiency of an in-house marketing department while actually generating listings.

We can create custom programs that fit your business objectives including:

Recruiting campaigns

Automated farming programs

Event registration and collateral printing

Listing packages

Agent subsidies for retention

Open API

Call 866-777-3986 | Email CS@corefact.com

Case Studies From Every Brokerage Size

7,000 AGENTS | 100 BRANCHES | KACIE RICKER | Regional VP of Marketing Coldwell Banker Residential brokerage

“Real estate is inherently local and one of our biggest marketing challenges is ensuring our content is hyper local. We’re running a macro department which covers a vast territory of five companies in four states, but at the same time we need to have a micro focus for all of those markets.

What drew us immediately to the Corefact system was the home valuation tool and the company’s ability to put hyper local information on every postcard. The home valuation tool ties an online component to every postcard and gives agents a way to measure the response. The postcard itself has information on it that is unique to every homeowner, which gives it that local feel.

When it looked like print was out of fashion, Corefact saw an opportunity to unite digital and print in a way most companies still haven’t figured out. I’m a huge believer in a well-balanced marketing plan and being able to mesh the two in a way that provides value was priceless.

Corefact is one of the preferred vendors for our company sponsored Just Listed/Just Sold program plus we offer a full marketing store where agents can place orders for a number of different branded marketing pieces. Servicing a large company like ours doesn’t come without its challenges, but Corefact has been an incredible partner and provides a high level of service that other companies don’t. It’s impeccable. They are immediately on top of any issues we have, and are always willing to work with us on new ideas.

We’ve seen year-over-year increases in the number of listings and sales for the company. Corefact has been an incredible partner for us and their system continues to help our brokers and agents generate leads.”

725 AGENTS | 26 BRANCHES | SANDY GILLISON | VP of Marketing & Technology Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

“We use Corefact as part of a special concierge-type program we offer our agents. It’s a full service marketing program that’s become very popular. One of the benefits they receive is a Just Listed and Just Sold postcard with every listing. We had been sending out cards through another vendor but there was no tracking mechanism in place and they didn’t provide any real value to the recipients. We now use the Corefact Home Estimate value map and key code on every card and the agents love getting warm leads and listings from their mailings.

And for me, it is such a relief to have a reliable system that has a solid marketing value proposition and matches it with technology that produces results you can measure. To justify my marketing spend, I have to be able to track and measure results. Corefact helps me do that.

Since we implemented the Corefact system, I haven’t really had to think about it. It works so smoothly and it’s a product my agents are very happy with. When my agents are happy, I’m happy!“

20 AGENTS | 2 BRANCHES | KYLE WHISSEL | Team Leader of Whissel Realty, brokered by Exp Realty

“I first learned about Corefact when I got a postcard from another agent. I thought the card looked good and I was intrigued by the home estimate. I created a Corefact account and started sending the Corefact postcards on my own. I, and my agents, saw the success I was having with the program – I’ve had 50 percent of the listings in my farm over the last three years using Corefact – and they started to jump on it. Now half of my agents are using Corefact.

Because we saw the success of using Corefact and the home estimate feature, we chose to set up an Enterprise account and integrate their Just Listed and Just Sold cards into our marketing flat fee program, where we do everything for the agent to promote their listing.

The Corefact Enterprise account makes it really easy for agents that run a team to cover the cost for team members, regardless of the program criteria. My team members place the order online and Corefact pings me to approve the order, which I can do in a few clicks. So instead of agents paying and me reimbursing them, which can be a nightmare, it’s all done quickly online with Corefact invoicing. This is a huge time saver and paperwork eliminator.

Corefact provides a full system, not just the postcard. The variable printing, the home estimate landing page, and the fact that we get updated every time someone logs onto the landing page makes the Corefact solution a full seller prospecting system and a one-stop-shop for farming.”

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